My writing will continue…

Rest in peace – Hari Uncle

Wearing a chic white shirt, he had a babyish smile that radiated a divine aura. This man had the right gravitas of a leading advocate. The day I first met him, he was accompanied by a beautiful lady who was undoubtedly his wife. Together they swept me off the floor for their glamour quotient. While I was engrossed in admiring these dashing veteran advocates; this gentleman extended his hand- “I’m Hari, HK Legal is my firm”. That was just the beginning of my friendship with Hari Uncle. Being ‘like-minded’ made it easier for us to discuss and brainstorm various topics. This busy man was humble enough to read all my writings, share feedback, and encourage me to write and blog more often.

It has now been seven years of knowing him and the news of his unexpected demise is terrible! The least I can do for him is to continue my writing…

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