Chapter 3 – Thondachan Peruvambad

Thondachan Peruvambad

If you've missed Chapter 2 Click here Theyyam face floating above her in the air...  ‘Theyyam’ was Thondachan’s life. It gave him all that he could have only dreamt of. The face that he fancied—The unearthly power. He considered his life to be a stage, that was set up to master his Theyyam moves. His… Continue reading Chapter 3 – Thondachan Peruvambad

Chapter 2 – The Law

Chapter 2 - The Law

The paddy fields and the temple... Theloottu Dharmedran Tamburan, a.k.a Dharmendran Tamburan laid in between the trail of tyre marks left by the convoy of tractors, that usually pass the field’s pathways early in the morning carrying fodder for the oxen. The temple bells resonated through the paddy fields to purify the air. Swwwwishhhhh— the long… Continue reading Chapter 2 – The Law

When the Gods Arise

Chapter 1 - Tears of Contentment and Peace Theyyam - The Dance of the Gods... Deserted in the broad pathway amidst the thick paddy fields lay—Theloottu Dharmedran Tamburan, the conspicuous womanizer. His Kasav mund (silk dhoti) was crumpled all the way up to his thighs revealing his hairy legs while his hands that stretched out from his… Continue reading When the Gods Arise

­The Woody Encryption

The phone hung up when Eaapachan was still letting out the musical flow of words and guffawing out in happiness. He was looking outside through the rusted iron rods of the window, into the tapioca plants that had overgrown and covered the view of his handmade wooden gate at the entrance. His mind was already… Continue reading ­The Woody Encryption

‘Sathan- Kulam’ Brutality

I have always been scared of the police since my childhood days and the recent incident in Tamil Nadu did surely heighten that fear in me. Never in my life have I met a policeman who treats the general public with dignity and respect. It’s made evident that everybody is under ‘their mercy’ — Period. I have… Continue reading ‘Sathan- Kulam’ Brutality

Who controls the camouflaged tigress?

The road was bumpier than expected after the rains. The low floored chariot glided for a while and intermittently fell into the hell holes making the engine burn out all its calories to pull it out to glide again. This bumpy drive instantly reminded Rudhi of a few images- her salary slip with all the… Continue reading Who controls the camouflaged tigress?

Stunt ‘Self-loathing’…

I always try and avoid walking in the sun attempting to cover even the little skin that’s exposed. I know on the other hand there are people who love the scorching sun, its heat brushing all over their bodies and the lovely after effect- ‘tanning’. This is usually a scary word for most of the… Continue reading Stunt ‘Self-loathing’…

The lady in the water tank

I saw her float in the air and crawl over the high parapet, clawing the cemented walls aiming at her haven-the black overhead tank. Her shabby dreadlocks sweeping all the dried jasmine leaves on the terrace’s floor. Her skanky gown always followed her obediently throughout the journey. Her hands were disgustingly long and wrinkled. Those… Continue reading The lady in the water tank

Ignorant Eyeopeners…

Four true spirits… Four true spiritsDarkness was their worldWalked hand in hand rhythmicallyWith a single cornered personAs their guiding light throughout their journeyThey did not begUnity, rhythm, and meaningful wordsSnatched the heart of the onlookersWho were driven to give them somethingThose powerful voices could even melt obdurate hearts The ambivalence of the girl… Another creation of God-An… Continue reading Ignorant Eyeopeners…

Vasco reached the stars…

Vasco — “Lazying around our garden” His teeth remind me of the sharp incision made by the little rabid brat, deep into my tender calf muscles for which I had to get the shots during my preschool days itself. Trying to ignore his misaligned yellowish black teeth and shifting my attention to his eyes, he vividly reminds me… Continue reading Vasco reached the stars…