‘Sathan- Kulam’ Brutality

I have always been scared of the police since my childhood days and the recent incident in Tamil Nadu did surely heighten that fear in me.

Never in my life have I met a policeman who treats the general public with dignity and respect. It’s made evident that everybody is under ‘their mercy’ — Period.

I have usually seen them looking at the common man with contempt keeping their tone as cold as possible which might be their way of proving — Equality — treating convicts and the common man as equals. Giving them a benefit of the doubt; maybe ‘I’ haven’t been lucky enough to see a ‘people-friendly policeman!’

I really do not wish to elaborate on the gory incident, because most of you might have got to know this from various sources. In short — It was brutality at its peak!

Maybe the Satans of this place were these ruthless policemen — The camouflaged devils of ‘Sathan’ (Devil)-kulam!

Suspension, transfer, solatium… silently the case will be closed while the ‘so-called Guardian Satans’ are still on the prowl!

May the two innocent souls rest in peace.

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