Ignorant Eyeopeners…

People vector created by macrovector — www.freepik.com
Four true spirits…

Four true spirits
Darkness was their world
Walked hand in hand rhythmically
With a single cornered person
As their guiding light throughout their journey
They did not beg
Unity, rhythm, and meaningful words
Snatched the heart of the onlookers
Who were driven to give them something
Those powerful voices could even melt obdurate hearts

The ambivalence of the girl…

Another creation of God-
An innocent-looking young girl
With a height of a matured shrub
Rested in her tiny lap was another child
Her arms as though plunging into my heart
I dropped a large packeted chocolate
Her eyes gleamed
And her steady hands didn’t wait for a second
For most of the part reaching the mouth of the child on her lap
While the leftovers melted into her mouth
The ambivalence of the girl stole my heart

Admonished like a short journey of their lives…

Imagine a weak old woman
Who could hardly move herself
Pushing her handicapped soulmate
On a broken rusted wheelchair
Admonished like a short journey of their lives
Her gloomy eyes could tell stories
She wore a helpless smile as each stranger passed by
Expecting a penny from any of them

Oodles of such illustrations remain ingrained on me
Ignorant they all maybe
But, they can be eye-openers in this bad world
Teaching us untold lessons!

Images downloaded from freepik.com

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