Garniture of Flowers, Intestines, and Head!

Be it big fat weddings, lavish birthday parties, religious ceremonies or simple get-togethers – ‘Flowers’ just becomes an integral part of the decoration. They are such eye-catchers, their beauty sparkles with their innocence that truly creates positivity and brings smiles on anybody’s face. While I take a stroll on the roads I would surely love to see them any time of the day and indulge in its contagious freshness and pleasant fragrance!

Unfortunately, we humans have created so much mayhem around that we have tuned our minds and body to adjust to the diverse kind of pollutions. To make my stroll on the roads even murkier how if I get to see animals’ kidneys, liver, head, intestines, and stomach hanging along with the same beautiful flowers? Now- these flowers no more make me feel positive nor do they transmit any freshness around, instead I felt ghastly and torn apart – a sudden rush of sadness infiltrates into me. If I had a choice I would really want to erase that gory picture off my mind.

Image by JL G from Pixabay

Why is there such an open display of carcasses on roads and open places? There are a few vendors who show their creativity by making whole chicken festoons in the name of attracting the general public! At times these creative competitions among the meat selling vendors take new heights where the meat chunks are decorated with fairy lights and LED bulbs being used to disgustingly replace the dead animals’ eyes. To top it all a few of the shop owners use streamers, flowers and silver foil paper on the carcass hoping to make the scene picture perfect!

Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay

In fact, I have seen such ubiquitous open sheds even on National Highways too with the animal’s body parts in the backdrop and buckets filled with blood that is kept to be sold! There’s no doubt that food is a personal choice but how can such awful displays ever be justified in a culturally diverse population? Is buying meat from such dreadfully-creative open meat shops even considered safe and hygienic when most of us know that meat is highly conducive to the growth of microbes if not stored in the right manner?

Ultimately when did normal human beings start preferring garniture of animals’ intestines, liver, head, and stomach instead of plain flowers?

Just a doodle illustration of a flower-shop itself is so beautiful — Image by Håkan Stigson from Pixabay

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