A silly struggle story of an ordinary wife and her man

My husband is not a macho man, chocolate boy, dancer or singer who can pair with me to make all those cool Tik-Tok videos and post them publicly. He rarely shows his true love for me in the public as he shows for cars.

Love versus Cars…

Ours being an arranged marriage he’s never got a chance to propose me to date — in the so-called romantic way by kneeling down and handing over a rose or the glittering ring- to add on I can’t even think of him being so creative!

My expectation…

However, I must confess that he is at his creative best at his work which has, in turn, got him numerous awards and client appreciations! This surely keeps my head held high and makes me absolutely proud of him!

Creativity at his work…

As an ordinary girl I always hoped that he did something out of the box for me to make me feel special so that I can shout out loud to the world about it and gather some likes, comments and a few inevitable jealous talks too. I am sure these are herculean tasks for him and a ludicrous dream for me.

Dreams of being an attention grabbing couple…

Having spoken a lot I must admit I do see him trying little things that turn out to be so messed up like surprises that are not made to look like surprises, forgetting our pre-planned date, trailing a few romantic songs that sounded so hilarious, and the list goes on. His palpable struggle and all those failed attempts of trying to act differently and not to be the real him makes the whole story so adorable.

Flopped attempts…

Knowing that he is a shy man who doesn’t like the glitz, glamour and the limelight- I have somehow started tuning my silly brain to stop expecting fairy tale kind of drama from this simple man. I hope I succeed in this venture.

Unpretentious man…

In retrospect let me start to appreciate all the simple things he does for me that cannot be captured in a pixel limited photo or an elaborate video because they are much more sensible and intricate little things which only my memory can capture and treasure.

I realize these have so much more value and hidden love just for me! This pushes the silly fairy-tale ending far behind while we together continue to tailor-make our own story!

A story in the making…

Thanks, Mr. SK for being an awesome dad and encouraging me to fly higher.

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