Who controls the camouflaged tigress?

The road was bumpier than expected after the rains. The low floored chariot glided for a while and intermittently fell into the hell holes making the engine burn out all its calories to pull it out to glide again. This bumpy drive instantly reminded Rudhi of a few images- her salary slip with all the… Continue reading Who controls the camouflaged tigress?

The lady in the water tank

I saw her float in the air and crawl over the high parapet, clawing the cemented walls aiming at her haven-the black overhead tank. Her shabby dreadlocks sweeping all the dried jasmine leaves on the terrace’s floor. Her skanky gown always followed her obediently throughout the journey. Her hands were disgustingly long and wrinkled. Those… Continue reading The lady in the water tank

Vasco reached the stars…

Vasco — “Lazying around our garden” His teeth remind me of the sharp incision made by the little rabid brat, deep into my tender calf muscles for which I had to get the shots during my preschool days itself. Trying to ignore his misaligned yellowish black teeth and shifting my attention to his eyes, he vividly reminds me… Continue reading Vasco reached the stars…

A true incident that impinged my life but made me believe in miracles

A quick background Born and raised in Bengaluru I am more of a Kannadathi than a Malayalee.My parents fell in love with this place and have gelled so well with the culture here that someone could easily brush them off as Kannadigas unless they start speaking Kananda with some heavy innate nasal sounds! Just like… Continue reading A true incident that impinged my life but made me believe in miracles

A silly struggle story of an ordinary wife and her man

My husband is not a macho man, chocolate boy, dancer or singer who can pair with me to make all those cool Tik-Tok videos and post them publicly. He rarely shows his true love for me in the public as he shows for cars. Love versus Cars… Ours being an arranged marriage he’s never got a… Continue reading A silly struggle story of an ordinary wife and her man