When the Gods Arise

Chapter 2 – The Law

Theloottu Dharmedran Tamburan, a.k.a Dharmendran Tamburan laid in between the trail of tyre marks left by the convoy of tractors, that usually pass the field’s pathways early in the morning carrying fodder for the oxen. The temple bells resonated through the paddy fields to purify the air. Swwwwishhhhh— the long paddy strands in the field were… Continue reading Chapter 2 – The Law

Chapter 4 – Karumban

If you’ve missed Chapter 3 Click here Being an eminent Theyyam artist, Thondachan transforms miraculously during his Theyyam performances into a mighty and fearless supernatural human, more of God rather. With the majestic headgear, his head remained raised and his eyes were induced with the power to stun the strongest man.  Neither his heavy anklet nor the… Continue reading Chapter 4 – Karumban

Chapter 5 – The Incest

If you’ve missed Chapter 4 Click here After the kathara (dagger) was scraped vigorously on the rock its blade shined like diamond dust and was equipped to kill even with an effortless swipe. Gritting her teeth, she clasped the herbs together and butchered them into tiny bits mercilessly. Sweating and breathing heavily she did not… Continue reading Chapter 5 – The Incest

Chapter 6 – Prying Eyes

If you’ve missed Chapter 5 Click here Khadar ikkaka was speeding to buy some eggs and milk from Janaki amma’s farmhouse, entrusting Abu, his eldest son, at the Chayakada(teashop). The mildly wet grass on the paddy fields caressed his sore feet as he dragged them hurriedly through the broad pathway lined by deep tire marks… Continue reading Chapter 6 – Prying Eyes

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