­The Woody Encryption

The phone hung up when Eaapachan was still letting out the musical flow of words and guffawing out in happiness. He was looking outside through the rusted iron rods of the window, into the tapioca plants that had overgrown and covered the view of his handmade wooden gate at the entrance. His mind was already… Continue reading ­The Woody Encryption

The lady in the water tank

I saw her float in the air and crawl over the high parapet, clawing the cemented walls aiming at her haven-the black overhead tank. Her shabby dreadlocks sweeping all the dried jasmine leaves on the terrace’s floor. Her skanky gown always followed her obediently throughout the journey. Her hands were disgustingly long and wrinkled. Those… Continue reading The lady in the water tank

Vasco reached the stars…

His teeth remind me of the sharp incision made by the little rabid brat, deep into my tender calf muscles for which I had to get the shots during my preschool days itself. Trying to ignore his misaligned yellowish black teeth and shifting my attention to his eyes, he vividly reminds me of my dad’s… Continue reading Vasco reached the stars…


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